Immoblion (M99, Etorphine hydrochloride)

Packets of Immobilon

Welcome to, a VetaPharma Ltd website dedicated to the products Immobilon (also known as M99 or Etorphine Hydrochloride) and Revivon (also known as M5050 or Diprenorphine). We are the primary global distributor of Immobilon (Etorphine Hydrochloride) and Revivon (Diprenorphine). Immobilon is a large animal immobilising drug. Revivon is the reversing agent. Because of the nature of Immobilon we require registration before we can provide product data sheets. For more information, latest news and Etorphine/Diprenorphine safety data sheets please register your interest. Once registered you will be immediately provided with a username and password to access the website.

What is M99, Etorphine Hydrochloride?

Etorphine Hydrochloride (also known as M99, Etorphin or Large Animal Immobilon) was first synthesised by Bentley & Hardy in 1963 and is chemically related to morphine. When Etorphine is given subcutaneously, it is 1,000 to 80,000 times more potent than morphine as an analgesic. Its use for immobilising animals results largely from its ability to cause catatonia at very low dose levels (for example, the total required dose for a rhino may be as low as 5.0 mg). Because there is potentially a considerable risk involved to both man and animal in handling Immobilon, the possession and use is strictly controlled by law in all countries. VetaPharma Limited enforces the legal requirements and ensures that Etorphine and Diprenorphine (also known as M5050 or Large Animal Revivon) are only supplied to registered veterinarians.

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